Three weekends ago we were in Glacier National Park, and two weekends ago we continued our national park adventures by spending our last free weekend before our crazy wedding season travelling through Yellowstone National Park and down into Grand Teton National Park! 

We knew this wedding season was going to be challenging. Our schedule for the next two months is fuller than it's ever been. We've got back to back weddings for the next 8 weeks, so while the idea of sitting at home on our last "free" weekend was appealing, we just couldn't bring ourselves to let a precious weekend go to waste! So Brandon made a reservation at a hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and we decided it was about time we finally saw the Tetons in person! We've been meaning to for so long, but had just never made it down there. 

We flew through Yellowstone; we've already seen it all more than once, and we were anxious to get to the Tetons! However, we did stop for Old Faithful, because we felt like it was a must if we were driving right by it. As we made our way south through Yellowstone we caught our first glimpse of the peaks of the Grand Tetons, and oh friends, they are breathtaking!!!  We had never seen mountain peaks soo jagged and majestic! Don't get us wrong, Glacier National Park is still our favorite place on earth, but the Tetons have definitely won a verrrry high spot on our list! As soon as we approached Jackson Lake we pulled over and sat next to the road just staring at the mountain range, in complete awe.

After that we drove down to Jenny Lake, took a boat across the water, and hiked up to Inspiration Point! It wasn't the longest hike, but the elevation gain kicked my butt! I wasn't in a hiking mood that day, but I knew that Brandon was dying to do that hike, so I agreed anyways. And I'm SO glad I did! The views from the top were unreal. The main point overlooked the lake, and tons of people sat down to soak in the beauty. However, the lake wasn't what made our hearts pitter patter, so we hiked a littler further off the trail and found a cozy little spot to sit down with a killer view into the canyon and up at those jagged peaks. Sitting there next to Brandon, at what felt like the top of the world, was exactly what my soul needed going into this busy season.

We ended the night with dinner and beer from Snake River Brewing (dark for me, hoppy for him, as per usual!), and then we explored downtown far too late into the night (or morning!).  The next day we woke up early, hit up Starbucks, and stopped by the Jackson Hole Resort to ride the tram all the way to the peak, where we had 360* views of mountains and the entire valley. Plus, there's a waffle house at the top of the peak you guys! A WAFFLE HOUSE!!! So obviously I had a Nutella waffle at 10,450 feet ;)

Then we made our drive back home through Yellowstone. We decided to drive home a different way than we'd come through the park, and we realized that our new route would take us right by Chico Hot Springs. So we made an impromtu stop for dinner and a soak in the hot springs, and ended up staying for a few hours because we couldn't pull ourself out the water! It was the most perfect end to our weekend getaway, and if it weren't for the new Game of Thrones episode we wanted to get home and watch, we might have just booked a room and extended our vacation! But alas, Game of Thrones tends to take priority over most things in our schedule ;) ...anyone else relate?!

You can expect the next few months to be FULL of amazingly beautiful weddings, but for now we'll leave you with some of our (mostly iPhone) photos from our weekend getaway to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks! And now... back into busy season we go! 

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