As Mandy and her bridesmaids got ready for the day ahead, laughter filled the room. Nestled in the mountains of Big Sky, at our own personal favorite weekend getaway spot, The Rainbow Ranch Lodge was the perfect setting for the joining of two families into one. But something was missing... Mandy had spent hours over the prior months making her floral arrangements for the wedding, including her own bouquet. And somehow they had been left behind at their home in North Dakota. Mandy tried to play it cool, like it wasn't a big deal. But Corey, knowing his bride, knew that those bouquets had to make their way to Montana. So he made it happen! Minutes before their First Look the bouquets were delivered, and Mandy's eyes immediately welled up with tears as she exclaimed how much she really wanted them there. And we don't blame her, they were a STUNNING labor of love, and some of the most unique and beautiful bouquets we've ever seen. 

So with her bouquet in hand, we set off for the First Look, where Corey awaited with excitement on his face. We spent a couple hours exploring the surrounding woods and mountains near the Rainbow Ranch with Mandy, Corey, and their bridal party, and laughter was a constant! This was a crew that knew how to have a good time, and from beginning to end they were such a blast to hang out with!

Mandy and Corey had put so much thought and love into their entire day, with so many DIY details, beautiful wooden signs, and decor. The evening was full of celebration, dancing, laughter, and even a quick trip into the river with the whole bridal party, which quickly makes them one of our favorites! ;) Mandy & Corey share such a special and radiant love, and we had the best time celebrating with them! We know these two have a lifetime of adventure and happiness ahead!

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