With this wedding, my 2014 recap of weddings I second shot with Jacilyn M, Photographer is coming to an end, but I may have saved one of my favorites for last! 

Trista & Hank were married on a family farm in St Regis, Montana, and every last detail was absolutely stunning. Their day was an outpouring of happiness, love, and remembering those that couldn't be with them on the day they promised forever to each other. When we arrived that morning Trista was getting ready outside, with a million watt smile plastered across her face, and it never left. These two radiated love so vividly that I could have sworn the sun was shining just for them. From their first look to their first dance, the overwhelming emotion in the air was palpable. Plus, CLASSIC CARS... which I got to ride in! As the daughter of a mechanic and car lover, I've grown up with my own love and appreciation for classic cars, so I was extra ecstatic to see these beauties! 

The whole bridal party arrived to the ceremony in a line of classic cars, but that wasn't even my favorite part. Hands down, my favorite part of this beautiful wedding was when Hank said his vows. He poured out his heart for the beautiful girl in white standing in front of him, and then brought their guests to tears of laugther when he said these lines: “...It’s these definitions of love, along with the countless personal qualities you possess, that have led to this moment and that make me fall a little more in love with you each and every day. I’m not sure what obstacles we will face down the road, and I can’t promise you the world, but I can promise to accept the fact that you’re the crazy cat lady…” And THAT solidified my absolute love for these two, being a bit of a crazy cat lady myself!

After their ceremony Hank cheered his way down the aisle with his wife on his arm, and shortly after the sun began to dip over the mountains behind them. That's when the magic happened! The valley lit up in the most beautiful yellow and pink glow, while Trista and Hank danced, kissed, and soaked in every single second of the beginning of their marriage. With every twirl Trista took the sun glistened a little more, until it disappeared completely and left the sky ablaze in colors as bold as their love for one another.

Don't forget to check out Jackie's blog of Trista & Hank's amazing day HERE.

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