What do you do when your best friend sends you a message asking how you feel about flying to California to spend her birthday weekend adventuring with her? You book a plane ticket as quickly as you can, of course! There was only one catch; she also wanted me to do a family photo shoot for her little sister's family (including their adorable daughter who was turning one while I was there!). Um, YES. PLEASE!! I know what you're thinking... we don't really shoot families anymore, and you'd be right! Our main focus these days is on our beautiful brides & grooms, but when your best friend asks you to capture her little sister's stunning family, in CALIFORNIA, you don't think twice, you just hop on a plane with way too much excitement!

I left Brandon behind for this adventure; a girl's weekend with my bestie was exactly what I'd been needing! Tiffani and I met way back during the very first week of college. I was sitting outside of my English classroom on the first day, waiting for the doors to open, reading a book and minding my own. And who else should come right on up to me and declare, "You should sit by me, everyone else looks weird!" So of course I sat by her! We went on to be roommates, President & Vice President of our Student Senate, and most of all, best friends. Needless to say, I'd found my person (all you Grey's fans know what I mean!). 

Tiffani and I spent the whole weekend driving through Cali back roads and Napa Valley vineyards, drinking copious amounts of coffee and red wine, and watching far too many Adele videos. Okay, let's be honest, there's no such thing as too much Adele! Anyways, we also spent a lot of our time with her little sister Laci's family, and as a bonus, their mom was in town too! I love all three of the Kennedy ladies (okay, technically Laci is a Birlew now, but that's beyond the point!), and it was such a treat hanging out with all of them at the same time. We celebrated Tiff's birthday and little Miss Abigail's birthdays on the same day, although the one year old stole the show for sure. I'm pretty sure Aunt Tiffani didn't mind though!

Since Tiffani, Laci, and their mom Tami were all in the same place, and I was already busting out my camera, I told them that they all had to join in! We had such a blast exploring near Laci & Robert's home, capturing their sweet little family, plus Aunty Tiff & Grandma Tami! When I first met Tiffani, Laci was still just her little sister in high school back home, and this was the first time I got to witness her as a wife and a mom, and it was such an honor! She may not be my little sister, but she's my best friends little sister, and it made my heart explode seeing her so happy next to her husband and daughter!

And as a bonus, here are few iPhone shots of my Cali adventure! Including cuddles & walks with one of my favorite four-legged ladies, Roma - A.K.A. the mastiff who ate one of my wedding heels the month before our wedding... It's okay though, her cute and slobbery face made up for it quickly! CHEERS to time spent with great friends!

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