From the first moment I spoke with Steve & Deena on the phone, I was SO excited to meet them! Deena described her vision for their wedding as "classy country", and I instantly knew that these two were going to bring the MONTANA factor. So of course, we decided to shoot their engagement session on their family ranch. As Brandon and I made the hour long drive, we weaved through the most beautiful countryside, and with every mile we got more excited. We arrived to the ranch to find an open pasture full of cows, beautiful horses waiting for their turn in front of the camera, and mountains nearly every way we turned! 

Steve & Deena spent their first date snowshoeing in Hyalite, so naturally, Steve decided to take Deena up there to pop the question. We LOVED hearing their story, and have to give Steve major points for proposing in one of our favorite places. Every time Steve wrapped his arms around Deena, a smile took over her face. She relaxed into his arms so naturally, like it was the only place she wanted to be. And then they danced. They twirled, and dipped, and kissed, and twisted, and the mountain stood behind them in all it's grandeur, and we melted. The way he pulled her in close, the way she looked up at him, the way they laughed; needless to say, we are BEYOND excited for their wedding this summer! 

Also, can we just mention how absolutely smitten we are with Jiminy & Scooter?! At one point during our shoot Jiminy decided he wanted to be in front of the camera too, so he just hopped in, and we rolled with it! Definitely my most favorite and welcomed photo bomb of all time!

BONUS: Brandon decided to stick a Go Pro on our dash for our drive out to their ranch, and the video is pretty epic! You can check it out below :)

A Quick Drive to Twin Bridges Montana from Brandon O'Hara on Vimeo.

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