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We are a husband & wife photography team based in Montana, specializing in weddings for romantic and adventurous couples. We’re passionate about marriage, adventure, and dreaming BIG! When we’re not shooting weddings you can find us exploring in the mountains, traveling to new cities, binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix, or hanging out with our overly energetic dog! 



Seniors are some of the most fun people we meet! They're almost always up for any adventure we throw at them, and they're full of ambition and excitement for the next stage in life after they graduate from high school - shoutout to our own Bozeman High seniors, and our alma matter, Skyview High seniors in Billings! We love showcasing who our seniors are right now, what they're passionate about, and highlighting their favorite sports and activities along the way.

I wasn’t lying when I said that Austin could rock any hat he put on. Seriously, four different hats during his session! However, I have to say the baseball one was my favorite - but I may be a little biased since it’s my favorite sport  [wink]  And from what I hear, this kid has SERIOUS talent on the field. When Austin’s sweet mom Angie asked me if we could do part of his session at a baseball field, I happily agreed! After all, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend - I mean, I did plan my entire honeymoon and first anniversary trip around the Yankee’s schedule. Plus, I found out that Austin is a Yankees fan too. Instant friends! And on top of all of that, Austin is graduating from my old high school (GO FALCONS!). Basically what I’m saying is: this entire session was packed full of…

High school graduation. I remember mine like it was yesterday, even though my ten year reunion is approaching quickly! Where did the time go? Too quickly, that’s for sure. I remember thinking that graduation was the end of so many great things. My friends and I were all going our separate ways, the future was unknown - and scary! Hell, everything I’d ever known was changing. But here I am seven years later, and I am SO glad that I was wrong. I’ve since learned that graduation day wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning! There were opportunities to be seized, sights to be seen, adventures to be had, and love to be found.​ That being said, I wanted to take a quick minute to congratulate my 2014 seniors! I had the most amazing time with these two last year. They are both hilarious, handsome, smart, and downright amazing. There…