​Earlier this month Brandon and I took a road trip to Seattle and Portland to celebrate our first anniversary as Mr & Mrs!

We had the BEST time, but more to come on our whole vacation later… today I wanted to share a little bit about one of our annual traditions, and the beautiful thing that resulted from it!
Three years ago I realized that we had a ton of snapshots from the beginning of our relationship, but not many recent ones. I had a lot of pictures of Brandon; after all, he was my primary test subject and second shooter, but there weren’t many pictures that I loved of the two of us together - other than the glorified selfies  [wink]  It was then that we decided to have a portrait session done of the two of us at least once every year. Conveniently enough, we had gotten engaged that year and needed to book a session anyways. You can check out our engagement pictures by Jacilyn M Photography here! The following year was our wedding, which was also captured beautifully by Jackie (see our wedding photos here!). And that brought us to this year - our first year as husband and wife completed.

Another thing that Brandon and I love is traveling. We both find ourselves consumed with wanderlust, and we have BIG dreams of all the places we want visit together. Because of that, we plan at least one major trip every year. It was in the planning of our trip this year that we decided to begin having our yearly session done while on vacation each year, rather than having our session done in our hometown. Plus, it allows me to put down my camera a little more while on vacation, and enjoy being present in the moment (I’m still working on mastering this one). Not only that, but being a photographer myself, I have other photographers all over the world that I love and admire. That’s where Melissa comes in!

You know those people that you meet for the first time, and it feels like you’ve known them for years? Yeah, that was Melissa! I’ve followed her work for quite some time now, and she always amazes me. You can check out more of her stunning work here: Melissa Kilner Photography. We met Melissa at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, and spent a little bit of time roaming around there to start things off. She made us feel SO comfortable right away, which is not an easy task for someone who is used to being behind the camera! After that, we headed down to the waterfront to continue the fun, and then we ended our session by driving up to Discovery Park. And oh my goodness, that place is gorgeous! I told Melissa that I’d love some shots on a beach, and not only did she find an amazing beach area for us, she found one with a lighthouse. A freaking lighthouse! Seriously, it was breathtaking.

The hike to the beach was a little further than we thought, but I didn’t mind one little bit. We spent the walk talking, and laughing. Lots and lots of laughing! We bonded over our mutual love for TV shows like Dexter, and we spent a good chunk of time talking about our mutual love for photography - poor Brandon  [wink]  We also stopped a few times on our way when we discovered some gorgeous pockets of light. But we eventually got to the beach, and ooooh my goodness… It was totally worth the trek! While we were there, a freight ship passed in the distance, and it created some stellar waves that crashed against the shore. I felt like they sent the waves just for us, so obviously we had to jump in the water and take advantage of this sweet gift! Needless to say, it was a LOT colder than I thought, which only made Brandon and I laugh harder :)

Our entire evening with Melissa was amazing, and we are soo thankful that we decided to have our first anniversary session done by her!
She captured our love perfectly, and these images will forever be the best reminder of our vacation to Seattle in celebration of our first year of marriage.Melissa, you are so incredibly fabulous, and I am so thankful that we got to meet you. I’m already excited for our next adventure together, whenever it may be!
​Now, prepare yourselves for an overload of pictures. There were just SOOO many that I loved!!

​See even more of this gorgeousness over on Melissa’s blog!

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