First of all, I cannot believe this girl is a senior this year! I've known Savannah since she was born and I guess in my mind she's still a curly-haired blonde four-year-old. But alas, she's really graduating high school in the spring and has grown into such an incredible young woman. Since I'd already photographed both of her older sisters around Billings, for her session she wanted to do something different. Savannah wanted to go to Fromberg for her senior session, where her grandpa lives. We had such a great time roaming through the little town to find cool places, and we accidentally stumbled upon the Orchard Days festival! We had to stop and buy apples and cider and they were kind enough to let us shoot some portraits in the apple orchard. Plus, Savannah brought her Dodgers jersey and puppy to her session, and if you're new around here, you should know that baseball and puppies are always surefire ways to make me happy! Okay, okay, enough with the words.... Keep scrolling to see just how awesome Savannah's senior session was!

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