I've been meaning to photograph our nursery since I finished it a couple months ago, but naps have taken priority over it most days, haha! I'm so excited to finally share this though! We started with a lot of blue/teal/aqua accents because I was so sure we would be having a baby boy, but once we learned that we were indeed not having a boy we quickly added a bunch of pinks, but I still had to leave some of my favorite blues in the mix too! We also knew that we wanted adventure to be a big theme in the nursery, boy or girl, so there are lots of maps and animals scattered throughout as well. Our main goal was to create a calm space that felt welcoming and organized, and I think we achieved what we set out for! I have spent so many hours just sitting in the rocking chair, writing in my pregnancy journal and dreaming about what the future will hold. It's so surreal to think that this part of our journey is ending soon and before we know it we will be a family of three! We cannot wait to meet our little Peyton and bring her home! This will likely be my last post before her arrival, and over the next few months, the blog may be a bit quiet as we spend our days cherishing baby snuggles and learning what our new life looks like. If you have any tips for us as we transition into parenthood, leave em below! Life is definitely about to get turned upside down, and we cannot wait!!

And the newest addition to the nursery.... a giant stuffed giraffe from her grandma Sarina! Now here's to hoping Samson doesn't eat him before Peyton is old enough to snuggle him! Cross your fingers for us, this whole "these toys are not for you!" thing is going to be a learning curve for Samson!

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