It’s no secret that we love weddings, but even more than that, we LOVE marriage! It’s why we chose to specialize in weddings & engagements. There are few things we love more than watching our couples begin their own marriage journeys, and getting to share in those special moments with them. A beautiful bride in white, a dashing groom who can’t stop smiling, promises of endless adventures together; we just can’t get enough of those moments! But as the old saying goes: “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” So, we thought it was about time to finally share OUR STORY with all of you!


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Part 8: The Ramen Days

Part 9: She Said YES!

Part 10: We Said I DO!


As Sara and Brandon began searching for their first apartment, the reality of “adulting” hit them square in the face, and they realized just how not awesome the apartments in their price range were. Sara was working full-time at a minimum wage-job and Brandon was working part-time while going to school full-time. Plus, as everyone who lives in Bozeman knows, it’s nearly impossible to find a rental during the school year. Bozeman is a college town with a terrible rental market, and it’s extremely hard to find a quality place to rent while school is in session.

Somehow, they ended up finding a tiny little one bedroom apartment in their price range. It certainly had some downfalls, like a lack of a dishwasher, washer or dryer, storage, or space in general. It hadn’t been remodeled since at least the 80’s, and it was up three flights of stairs, making the move in process extremely fun with that hand-me-down, hide-a-bed couch.

They crammed all of their belongings into the tiny space, and decorated the walls with free movie and book posters Sara scored from work, along with a Star Wars lightsaber, of course. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were full blown nerds, on a budget. They were just overly excited to have a place all of their own.

During those days they barely saw each other; Brandon left for work at 5am to get in a few hours before he had to go to school, which he didn’t get home from until close to 5pm, and most days Sara worked until 8 or 10pm. Back then Sara did most of the cooking too, and between their budget and her skillset, they officially dubbed that stage of life: The Ramen Days. Ramen noodles were a solid meal choice then, sometimes for more than one meal a day. “Would you like chicken or beef?” Sara would ask, all too often. Again, they didn’t mind. It wasn’t their grandest dream, but they were building a life of their own. Working hard, dreaming big, and hustling constantly. (That last part still hasn’t changed).

It was within those four tiny walls that Sara and Brandon really started to grow up together. They were transitioning from a couple of crazy kids into full blown adults with responsibilities, for better or for worse. In between the bowls of various flavored Ramen, they learned how to live together. How to tolerate those annoying little habits of the other person. How to argue and communicate effectively (or at least they started trying to figure it out!). They mastered the art of hand washing dishes, and co-existing in one tiny space. Brandon began to understand Sara’s love for books as their tiny space got even smaller with the ever growing book collection. They hosted their first holiday dinner that Easter. They fought, they cried, they laughed, they pulled all-nighters because they got so engulfed in conversations sometimes, and they started to really understand just what love was, past the “honeymoon” phase. That apartment wasn’t much, but it was theirs, and so much happened within those walls that they wouldn’t trade it for the fanciest high-rise in Manhattan.

Check back next week for Part 9: She Said YES!

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