It’s no secret that we love weddings, but even more than that, we LOVE marriage! It’s why we chose to specialize in weddings & engagements. There are few things we love more than watching our couples begin their own marriage journeys, and getting to share in those special moments with them. A beautiful bride in white, a dashing groom who can’t stop smiling, promises of endless adventures together; we just can’t get enough of those moments! But as the old saying goes: “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” So, we thought it was about time to finally share OUR STORY with all of you!


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Part 10: We Said I DO!


As spring approaches, most high school juniors and seniors have one thing on their minds: PROM. Okay, the seniors have their minds on graduation too, but that comes second. The girls start dreaming of the perfect dresses, and the boys start planning ways to ask their hopeful dates. The halls turn into a frenzy of talk about who-asked-who, coordinating colors, flower preferences, rides, and after parties.

Brandon spent a few weeks planning on skipping prom; Sara had already had her senior prom, and surely wouldn’t want to go back to high school for a night, he thought. Yes, Sara is two years older than Brandon, but because of how their birthdays fell, they were three grades apart, meaning Brandon was a freshman when Sara was a senior. And after high school Sara went straight into a two year college, which means that she graduated college while Brandon was finishing up his junior year of high school; they met the summer following that. Okay, back to the story… Sara had wondered if Brandon was going to ask her to his prom. She just assumed he would; she was his girlfriend afterall. But he didn’t, and prom was getting closer. So she decided to bring it up, and learned that he thought she wouldn’t even want to go, so he was planning on skipping it. Ummm, NO! Senior prom is a classic high school experience, and Sara wasn’t about to let Brandon miss out on it. He was beyond excited knowing she wanted to go, and quickly came up with a plan to officially ask her. He spent hours cutting up and gluing together pieces of construction paper, all to make a giant list. He titled it: 50 Reasons I Love You! and gifted it to Sara as soon as he was finished. She had tears welling up in her eyes before she even hit #20, but she was trying to hold it together. As she flipped to the last page the tears started streaming full force, alongside the world’s biggest grin, as she read, “#50: The look on your face when you read this… WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME?!”

They ended up triple-dating to prom with some of their best friends, one of whom would later be the best man in their wedding! The six of them all met at Sara’s parents house for the classic photo-op with all the parents, and then took off for their classy dinner… at Red Robin! I know what you’re thinking, such a fancy place for a group of high schoolers! ;) But they had a blast at dinner, and then headed towards their high-school. They took their traditional prom portrait as soon as they arrived and then hit the dance floor to show off their totally awesome (read: non-existent) dance moves. All. Night. Long. Because even if you “can’t” dance, you should definitely do it anyways! With just two months left in high school for Brandon, it was the perfect way to end that chapter of their lives and start shifting their minds towards what came next.

Check back next week for Part 7: Our First Big Move!

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