It’s no secret that we love weddings, but even more than that, we LOVE marriage! It’s why we chose to specialize in weddings & engagements. There are few things we love more than watching our couples begin their own marriage journeys, and getting to share in those special moments with them. A beautiful bride in white, a dashing groom who can’t stop smiling, promises of endless adventures together; we just can’t get enough of those moments! But as the old saying goes: “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” So, we thought it was about time to finally share OUR STORY with all of you!


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Part 10: We Said I DO! 


The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months, and Sara and Brandon were head over heels for each other. Completely smitten and inseparable. There were three little words that had been lingering on both of their minds for awhile, but neither of them were quite brave enough to turn those thoughts into actual words. So they continued on, trying their best to ignore the weight of the words that they were dying to whisper to one another, and shout from the rooftops to the world.

Fall began turning to winter, and with the first snowfall in mid-October came the planning of their Halloween adventures. They picked out costumes, solidified plans with friends, and couldn’t wait for the next few weeks to pass quickly. In the meantime, Brandon had been plotting a surprise for Sara. A math equation, for Sara to solve. Not figuratively, but literally. Now, if you know Sara, you know that she doesn’t just not like math, she despises it. She lives for english and the arts; math and science were at the bottom of her list. But Brandon thrived in the areas of math and science; his step-dad was a calculus teacher at their high school after all, and math just came easy for him. So one day, while he was out of town, he sent Sara a sequence of math equations, told her to grab some graph paper, and start solving them. WHAT? Sara was baffled. “Do you know me at all?”, she asked while laughing. She sat at her parents kitchen counter, trying her best to solve some silly math equations. Okay, I think she called them stupid in that moment, because she thought she was done with this nonsense now that she was out of school. But Brandon insisted, so she tried her best.

She got the first equation graphed out; it looked like an “I”. Okay… well, that’s weird. Onto the next one; it graphed out an “L” a little lower and farther left than the “I”. Moving on, the third one made a circle next to the “L”. Ummm, heart beating a little faster here…. Skip the next one because it was hard, and onto the fourth equation. It was a backwards “E”... Google the third and last equations, just to be sure this was going where she thought it was, and it filled in a “V” shape between that circle and “E”, along with a “U” shape at the bottom of the page. “I LOV(backwards E, presumably due to an error on Sara’s math solving skills) U”

HEART. STOPPED. Sara couldn’t compose her thoughts, and she started crying right then and there. She’d been thinking those three little words for weeks now, this was exactly what she wanted. But in that moment she found herself overcome with fear, leftover by a former heartbreak. It paralyzed her, and she couldn’t bring herself to tell Brandon she solved his equation. So instead, she played dumb, and frustratedly told Brandon that she couldn’t solve the equations and reminded him that she didn’t like math. I know, I know, WHY?! Sara, what were you thinking? And she beat herself up with that same question for days. Why didn’t she just tell him she knew the answer to the equations? Why couldn’t she just be vulnerable enough to say she felt the exact same way? Well, because vulnerability wasn’t something that came easy to Sara; it still isn’t. So at the thought of opening up her heart again, and knowing that by doing so she would also open herself up to heartbreak, she instead threw up the fortress walls and barricaded herself inside. She was a master at that art.

The morning of Halloween came, and Brandon could hardly contain his excitement for their adventures to come later that evening. Sara on the other hand woke up feeling like a semi-truck had run her over. She laid in bed for over an hour wondering how such pain was possible, feeling unable to move. But finally she pulled herself out of bed, made her way to the mirror, and gasped when she saw herself. Little red bumps; everywhere. And they HURT. Queue an emergency trip to the walk-in clinic, and Sara learned that she had “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus”, also known as MRSA. In short, it was a community-associated staph infection. She was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics and orders to stay quarantined on bed rest for a few days. Translate: NO Halloween adventures. She was beyond disappointed, and so was Brandon. He offered to forego the Halloween party and keep her company instead, but she insisted he have fun. He spent the whole night texting and missing her anyways. It just wasn’t the same without her there.

By the third evening of bed rest, on November 2nd, Sara was going crazy. She posted a status on Facebook that read, “I reeeeeeally want a slushie right now….” And if she would have been allowed to leave, or had any energy at all, she would have just went and got one. But when you’re sick and confined to your bed, it’s the little things that help you get through. But unbeknownst to Sara, Brandon had seen that Facebook status and started his mission: Find Sara’s favorite slushie and bring it to her ASAP! It took him trips to five different gas stations before he found one that had a raspberry flavor, but once he found it he filled up the largest cup they had and drove to Sara’s house. Her mom opened the door and hollered up the stairs, “Sara! Come get the door; it’s for you” with a big grin on her face. Sara used all of her energy to get out of bed and down the stairs, and then she saw him: Brandon was standing at her front door in his letterman jacket, giant slushie in hand. He smiled and told her, “I’m sorry it took so long, I had to go to five gas stations to find your favorite flavor.” Sara threw her arms around him, and in that moment, the world melted away. It was the smallest gesture, the silliest thing, a raspberry slushie. But in that moment, Sara knew. Without a doubt, knock down the walls, over the moon, all-in forever; she was hopelessly, madly in love with this boy, and she was ready to tell him.

Check back next week for Part 5: Cop Cars & Road Trips!

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