It’s no secret that we love weddings, but even more than that, we LOVE marriage! It’s why we chose to specialize in weddings & engagements. There are few things we love more than watching our couples begin their own marriage journeys, and getting to share in those special moments with them. A beautiful bride in white, a dashing groom who can’t stop smiling, promises of endless adventures together; we just can’t get enough of those moments! But as the old saying goes: “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” So, we thought it was about time to finally share OUR STORY with all of you!


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Part 10: We Said I DO!


September means one thing for a lot of us: FOOTBALL! And in the high school world, that translates to the boys of fall playing their hearts out under those Friday night lights. Brandon can remember those days like they were yesterday. The rush of running onto the field. The thrill of a tackle. Hearing his name come blaring through the speakers. The cheers that erupted after a touchdown. The bus rides with the team. Those would be some of his favorite memories from high school. But Sara remembers those days too, in a totally different way.

Every Friday night, rain or shine, home or away, you could find Sara in the stands, cheering on #86. One of her best friends (the one who had that apartment where she met Brandon) had a brother who played alongside Brandon (and would later be a groomsmen in their wedding!), and the two of them would go to every game together. It was a new world for Sara; she grew up in the world of baseball/softball. Which led to her asking this question to her best friend at one of the first games that season, “Why did the ump throw the yellow thing?!” She’ll never really live that comment down, but she learned quickly, and she looked forward to Friday all week long. Especially the out of town games, because they always turned into adventures with her best friend. They sat in the stands, wrapped in blankets, cheering as loud as they could for their team and their boys, because there’s a pride that comes from knowing someone on that field.

Living in Montana means that some away games are really far away, and that a good portion of the season will probably be played in freezing cold weather and/or snow. But the weather or distance didn’t matter, you showed up every time your boys of fall stepped onto that field. If they were there, so were we.

Sara loved watching Brandon play. She’d always leave with a sore throat from yelling so loud, and she certainly wasn’t complaining about the way he looked in his football pants *cough*myhusbandissexy*cough*. But even more than that, she loved storming the field after the game to give Brandon the biggest hug and kiss! The score didn't actually matter, he was her All-Star MVP. Every. Single. Game.

Check back next week for Part 4: Math Equations & Raspberry Slushies!

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