It’s no secret that we love weddings, but even more than that, we LOVE marriage! It’s why we chose to specialize in weddings & engagements. There are few things we love more than watching our couples begin their own marriage journeys, and getting to share in those special moments with them. A beautiful bride in white, a dashing groom who can’t stop smiling, promises of endless adventures together; we just can’t get enough of those moments! But as the old saying goes: “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” So, we thought it was about time to finally share OUR STORY with all of you!


Part 1: How We Met

Part 2: Mario Kart & Netflix Binges

Part 3: Friday Night Lights

Part 4: Math Equations & Raspberry Slushies

Part 5: Road Trips & Cop Cars

Part 6: Prom Night

Part 7: Our First Big Move

Part 8: The Ramen Days

Part 9: She Said YES!

Part 10: We Said I DO!


*PREFACE: We don’t claim to have the classiest beginning to our relationship. These were the days when our lives revolved around our friends and making the best memories we possibly could. The final phase of our carefree, pre-adult life, and we wouldn’t change it for a second.*

It was a beautiful spring day, the sun was shining, and summer was right around the corner. They both had the same plans: head to the mall to catch a show from one of their favorite local bands, Goodnight Sunrise (or The Goodnight, as they’re now known). They spent the afternoon sitting side-by-side on that dirty Hot Topic floor, singing along with every song, friends by their side... and they didn’t even notice each other! You see, that’s not really where the story begins; that was six months before their story began. Sara was there with her friends, eyes glued to her camera, and Brandon was there with his friends, soaking in the songs he knew so well. (It would be years later before they found pictures and videos of that day, and realized that they had been sitting next to the one that would steal their heart forever).

Summer came and went quickly, but not before fate would try to intervene once again. Fast forward six months from that day in Hot Topic, to a small apartment where one of Sara’s best friends lived. She was the first one of their group to have their own place, so it’s where they all hung out often. Beer pong may or may not have been a regular occurrence, music was played a little too loudly, laughter was a constant, and some of the best memories and friendships were made in that apartment. Sara was on her way home one night and decided to drop by, even though she couldn’t stay long. She sat in the kitchen chatting with friends, when she caught a glimpse of the boy in a green bandana who was standing in the living room. Her heart skipped a beat; and she quickly looked away. But his green eyes had mesmerized her, so she tried to steal another glance. She turned back his way, and her eyes locked with his. They smiled at each other, for a brief moment. Sara left shortly after that, and spent the next week day-dreaming about the boy in that green bandana and Famous Stars & Straps t-shirt.

The following Saturday night Sara returned to that apartment, ready for a night of fun with her best friends. She was right in the middle of a beer pong winning streak when she noticed that same boy from the weekend before. As the night went on they ended up on opposing teams over the beer pong table, and Sara proceeded to continue with her winning streak. Brandon won’t admit it freely, but he was impressed by this girl who could hold her own. She was two years older than him, and he couldn’t get enough of her. They talked all night, laughing non-stop. The flirting was relentless, and by the end of that evening, they had shared their first kiss. It sparked something within both of them, and even though they didn’t know exactly what it meant in that moment, they knew it was worth seeing where it would lead...


Here's a super high quality image from Sara & Brandon sitting side-by-side at that Hot Topic show; months before they'd actually meet!

And from the night that started it all; some extremely embarrassing flashback photos of duck lips and peace signs.... because, you know, we were SUPER cool! ;) 

Check back next week for Part 2: Mario Kart & Netflix Binges!

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