In just three days Brandon and I are hopping on a plane to California, and we are beyond excited! San Francisco, wine country, the ocean, and two of our best friends, Tiffani & Adam. I promise to share our trip with you the week after we return, but in keeping up with my promise to catch you up on all of last years adventures too, I thought this was a good time to share our 2014 road trip to Portland and Seattle!

Last summer we chose to venture to Seattle for our first wedding anniversary, and since we were going to be so close to some of our best friends, Tiffani and Adam, we decided a detour to Portland was a must as well. We started our trip by stopping in Spokane for a night to see Brandon's grandma, and then we hit the road for Portland to see Tiffani and Adam for a few days! I'm convinced that there is no better way to see a new city than from locals. SO much better than the tourist route. 

Tiffani and Adam technically lived in Vancouver, but their condo was about a two minute walk from the Columbia River, so really, let's just call it all Portland. The first thing we did when we arrived was walk down to the river to catch up and check out the view of Portland across the river. Brandon and I may or may not have contemplated moving there just to make that very thing a regular occurrence.

We had the best time in Portland. Hands down, one of my favorite parts was hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. If you're ever near that area you have to explore the gorge; it is BEAUTIFUL!! I could have just explored the gorge the entire time we were there and been completely happy. But of course, we went exploring in Portland as well. We got into the Oregon spirit and hit up a few breweries, we ate at the best hole in the wall restaurants, witnessed the annual Naked Bike Ride, got a private tour of a few small planes and helicopters at Adam's work, ventured to Canon Beach, had maple bacon bars from VooDoo doughnuts, and just had an overall amazing time hanging out with our friends. Side note for you all though; if you're ever in Portland you should definitely eat at the McMenamins Kennedy School. It's located in an old school building, and all the rooms have different themes. Some of them are restaurants, some of them are breweries, part of it is a hotel, and there's random things like a movie theater too. It's insanely awesome, and we totally loved it!

After a few days of adventuring in Portland we took off for Seattle to celebrate our first anniversary! We settled into our hotel, stopped for a quick view of the Space Needle, and hit up the Pacific Science Center - where I thoroughly enjoyed watching Brandon nerd out over everything and turn into a little kid again! But then came the real main reason behind Seattle being our destination: to see Jeter play one last time before he retired! I've been in love with Derek Jeter for as long as I can remember. We planned our whole honeymoon in 2013 around a trip to New York to see Jeter play in Yankee Stadium, and he ended up being injured and didn't play. I was devastated; and then he announced his retirement and I made Brandon promise me we'd see him play before he was done for good. Hence, the roadtrip to Seattle! It was no Yankee Stadium, but I loved it anyways. That was my second time watching a game at Safeco, but it was my first and only time seeing Jeter play. I savored every single second of that evening, including my hot husband rocking a Jeter t-shirt! 

The rest of our time in Seattle was filled with the typical destinations: Pike's Market, the Aquarium, a cruise around the harbor, the EMP Museum, Great Wheel, Fremont Troll, and of course, the Space Needle! However, one night we snuck off for an annviersary session with the amazing Melissa Kilner Photography! You can see the gorgeous pictures from our session at Pike's and Discovery Park here.

It was such such an amazing trip, and the perfect way to celebrate our first year of marriage. After going through all these memories again I'm even more excited to head to California to celebrate our second year or marriage and visit Tiffani & Adam in their new home state!! If you have any recommendations for our time in San Fran, leave a comment and tell us what the must do/see things are! 

And make sure you're following us on Instagram to see all of our Cali adventures next week: @sarajeanne2 & @_brandonohara. A full recap of our California shenangigans will hit the blog the week after we return!

**These are all cell phone shots with sub-par quality - sorry about it! I've upgraded to an iPhone this year, so hopefully our snapshots from this year's anniversary vacation will be much better!!

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