Sara & Brandon


We are a husband & wife photography team based in Montana, specializing in weddings for romantic and adventurous couples. We’re passionate about marriage, adventure, and dreaming BIG! When we’re not shooting weddings you can find us exploring in the mountains, traveling to new cities, binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix, or hanging out with our overly energetic dog! 


Oscar’s Park

Located on the Yellowstone River outside of Billings, MT, this historic venue is full of charm! An old train depot with a wrap-around patio, a collection of historic buildings including an adorable old church, and a gorgeous ceremony location surround by trees in front of the river.

Our final wedding of 2017 and one that is so special to me!! Why? Because this time the bride is one of my very best friends and I got to play photographer and bridesmaid for her big day! Catie and I have known each other since elementary school but it wasn't until our sophomore year of high school (over a decade ago!) that we became best friends. Since then we've shared so many of life's highest and lowest moments together and I can't imagine not having this girl by my side through it all.  She's the kind of friend that  I can call at 3 am and know she'll be there. So needless to say, seeing Catie find her happily ever after in Steven just makes me beyond happy! He makes her laugh like nobody else can, he keeps her grounded and balances her out perfectly, and he loves her fiercely. Although he…

Oh friends, this wedding has such a special place in my heart. I can't help but smile when I look back and remember all of the little moments that made Brittney & Jeremy's wedding day so perfect! I'm fairly certain that Brittney is one of the most joyful people ever and that joy is spread to everyone around her, especially Jeremy. Their wedding day started off slow and relaxed, as the girls giggled while getting ready and I got to swoon over all their pretty details. And in the midst of that, Brittney's mom brought in an old scrapbook that reminded us just how small the world is - it was full of pictures from Brittney's old cheerleading days when Brandon's mom was her coach, and it was so special seeing old photos our bride with not only Brandon's mom but his little sister too! Anyways, back to the wedding day!…