WELCOME! You've officially found my first blog post!

I spent quite awhile trying to decide what I wanted to blog about first. But it kept coming back to one subject: my husband.

Brandon is so many things to me. He is my insanely good looking husband. My best friend. My support system. My second shooter at weddings. My own personal IT department. And most importantly, my better half.

He is also the one who spent countless hours developing this amazing website! He put up with my nit-picking, my complaining, my criticizing, my crazy ideas, my arguing, and my ever-changing plans. And he just kept coming up with new ideas, working around my craziness, and perfecting things until I loved every last piece of this site.

Brandon, I will never be able to thank you for all the things you do for me. For this website. For the countless hours you've spent by my side at weddings. For the hundreds of times I've dragged you to locations to 'test the light on a real person'. For the millions of times I've asked "which edit do you like better?" or "do you think I should change anything about this one?". For letting me take far too many pictures of everything we do. For always taking the time to encourage me, and remind me to I can achieve my dreams. For supporting me. For believing in me, even when I don't believe in myself. For listening to me talk about my ideas into the wee hours of the night. For holding my hand. For rubbing my feet after a long wedding weekend.  For telling me I still look beautiful after 12 hours of shooting in the blistering heat, when in reality I am a sweaty mess. From the big things to the little things - THANK YOU!  Your actions don't go unnoticed. And I appreciate them more than I could ever show.

Simply put:


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