We spent this past weekend in Havre, MT kicking off our wedding season with Hailey & Chris (more of them coming soon!), and before we left town Sunday morning we got to finally meet Mary of Merry Character Photography in person! We've been friends online for awhile, and we were so excited to finally be able to sit down for coffee. Brandon and I met up with Mary and her boyfriend Evan at the cutest little coffee shop, and we sat outside soaking up the morning sun and getting to know each other. But mostly we just got an ab workout from all the laughing! We seriously adore both of them and can't even begin to handle how amazing they are as people and as a couple. 

A few weeks before our coffee date Mary asked if I would take some updated headshots of her, and if we could grab a couple photos of her and Evan together. We were excited enough for a mini session with them as it was, but then we showed up and Mary was wearing the most PERFECT dress ever! Or maybe I'm biased because it was my favorite color, or because I think teal is the most beautiful combination with red hair. Whatever the reason, it was STUNNING. And then we started shooting, and I'm not sure we ever stopped laughing. Jokes were made. There were silly dances and faces. Mary pulled out her Miss Montana background and struck some pagent poses. And Evan made Mary laugh in a way that completely melted our hearts! The way they looked at each other, giggled with each other, and held onto each other made it far too hard to end their session! We only spent a few minutes shooting at a white wall directly across from the coffee shop, but I'm so in love with every single image of the two of them! 

Mary & Evan, we're already excited to see you guys again, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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