Mary and Evan met in high school, but that’s not really where the story begins… A few years after high school they ran into each other and after that Evan started planning ways to casually talk to Mary again. And since Mary was a photographer, Evan messaged her asking if she could do a photo of him that he needed for the military, really just wanting an excuse to talk to her. She said no because she didn’t do that type of photography. So Evan got creative, and asked if she could do his passport photo; again, she said no for the same reason. Strike two.

A little while later Mary noticed Evan walk into the gym with a serious look on his face, she smiled and waved and he just kept on walking. She couldn’t believe he didn’t notice her, but she just resumed working out. That is… until she noticed him checking her out in the mirror! They started Facebook messaging after that, and shortly after shared first date.

Earlier this year Brandon and I were headed to Havre to photograph a wedding, and we planned a meet-up with Mary since we’d been online friends for awhile, but had yet to meet in real life. We’d planned to do some updated headshots for Mary, but the morning of our meetup Mary asked if it would be okay for her boyfriend Evan to join for a few couples photos - because as photographers, we don’t get on the other side of the camera often! We were so excited for an impromptu mini-session, and after we met them we didn’t want to leave. We had the absolute best time sipping coffee, sharing stories, and taking some photos downtown.

So last fall when Mary texted me a picture of a ring on her left hand and asked me to capture their wedding day, I was beyond excited! Being asked to photograph any wedding is an honor, but when another amazing photographer asks you to capture your big day, it feels like the highest honor there is!

We snuck up to Hyalite for their engagement session, and Mary absolutely rocked their outfit choices with a tulle skirt and flower crown! Afterwards we all went out to grab some sushi for dinner, and as we were talking and swapping stories Mary told us that Evan is usually a quiet and serious guy, and we just couldn’t believe it! Both times we’ve been around Evan now he has been full of smiles, laughter, and goofiness. And I’m pinning it all on one thing: MARY! When he is next to her, his smile is contagious, and the way he makes her laugh is unbeatable.

I’m so incredibly thankful to not just call these two a #sarajeannecouple, but to call them dear friends too. These two are the absolute cutest together, and we can’t wait for their wedding in March!!

And my verrrry favorite photos from Mary & Evan's session! We did this session just a couple weeks before Evan packed his bags and headed to the East Coast where he's stationed with the military. Mary and Evan were preparing for months apart, and the images where the smiles faded, they pulled each other as close as they could, and just soaked in the moment together, those are some of my favorite images I've ever taken. 


“Behind every soldier, there is an even stronger woman who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.”

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