March in Montana usually means snow storms, crazy cold temperatures, and us cuddled up inside. But on the day that Mary and Evan chose to start their forever adventure together, the sun came out in full force. We found ourselves outside without jackets (Say what? Montana, you're crazy!) rocking through portraits and laughing throughout the whole day. 

Mary and Evan planned the most beautiful wedding from start to finish. Full of sparkles, the most amazing florals, old wooden chairs handpicked just for this day, and gorgeous china sets that Mary and her friends and family spent months searching for and picking the best of the best. Mary's vision was executed flawlessly and surrounded by their friends and family, Mary and Evan had the most heartfelt and special day!

Between the way Mary's uncle, who officiated their ceremony, spoke of her character and love for others, and the way Evan's friends and family spoke of his kindness and fierce loyalty, and having witnessed these things for ourselves, we just know that these two are in for such an amazing lifetime full of love and adventure - and silliness and laughter!  Please note that they skipped the traditional candle or sand unity ceremony and opted to make a milkshake together during their ceremony! Laughter and fun is guaranteed with these two!

It's an honor to photograph any wedding, but to photograph another wedding photographer's wedding is just the highest compliment we've ever been given! Mary and Evan, THANK YOU for asking us to capture your big day! We just love and adore the heck out of you two and hope you're having the greatest adventure in North Carolina right now! 


VIDEOGRAPHY: Justin Hutchinson Videography

FLORIST: Boyce & Berry Flowers

DESSERT: Gram's Ice Cream

BAND: Plowed Under Band

MAKEUP ARTIST: Brown Eyed Girl - Cesilee Storkson

HAIR ARTIST: BEYA Salon - Keelie Beard


TUXES: Cavaliers Clothing

CUSTOM SIGNS: Evergreen Hearts

CUSTOM DECOR: Coffee Crafts

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