When we reached the top of the mountain, just minutes after the sun peaked over the ridge, it was a mere -6* outside.... NEGATIVE SIX DEGREES!!! But this snowmobile loving duo didn't let it affect them one bit! Mandy & Corey were champs throughout our freezing cold morning, and we had such a great time getting to know them. 

We loved the way Mandy looked at Corey, always with a smiling spreading across her face, and how Corey never hesitated when we asked him to smooch his beautiful bride-to-be! We asked Mandy & Corey what their favorite quality about the other was, and Mandy stated, "That he supports me no matter what, and his sense of humor!" And Corey couldn't even begin to pick just one thing, so he went with the obvious answer, "All of her!" ...and we just LOVE both of their answers! Endless support + a good sense of humor + being completely smitten with all of the other person = a great recipe for a happy marriage! 

We can't wait to celebrate with Mandy & Corey this summer at our very favorite weekend getaway location; The Rainbow Ranch in Big Sky!!

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