Remember a few days ago when I said that one of my BIGGEST business dreams was finally coming true this summer? And you all kept asking me to finally tell you what it was… well first, here’s a story for you!

Have you ever had someone that you looked up to and admired? Someone who inspired you to be better, to push harder, to keep going even when things get hard? Someone you respected? Someone who makes you laugh? Someone who always says the right thing exactly when you need to hear it most? You have?! Awesome! Now, raise your hand if you’ve never actually met that person… Social media is a brilliant thing isn’t it? Having the chance to follow people who inspire you and to learn from them, even from afar, is pretty amazing!

A few years ago I was on Facebook (procrastinating something, I’m sure!) and I stumbled upon a husband and wife photography team; Amy & Jordan. I don’t remember exactly what their post said, but I remember laughing, and immediately clicking the “LIKE” button on their page. Over the next few months I became obsessed with their posts. They shared some crazy helpful photography and business tips, they loved Lorelai and Rory Gilmore AND Olivia Pope as much I did, Amy could cook just as well as I could (meaning, we both stay out of the kitchen as much as possible), and they weren’t afraid to admit they have a sweet tooth, which I can more than relate to! And to top it all off, they constantly posted these beautiful and classic images with creamy backgrounds that made my photographer heart melt. I quickly signed up for their photographers newsletter, The Monday Minute, and since then I’ve began every single Monday morning with my little dose of inspiration and insight.

Almost two years ago I decided I wanted to learn from them, in-person. They were teachers before they were photographers, and for awhile they were teachers by day and photographers by night. I just KNEW they’d get it. That tired and exhausted feeling of trying to build a thriving business while also working full time. That juggling act of trying to balance it all without losing your mind. So one day last summer I decided to email them, and I got an instant response from Jordan. I was giddy with excitement reading his response, and then reality set in. I didn’t see any way to make this dream really happen, financially. For months I let that email sit in my inbox, staring at me.

At the end of last year my hubby and I sat in the hot tub at our favorite mountain resort, and we shared our goals and dreams for 2015. The big scary ones. And my number one goal was: In-Person Mentoring with Amy & Jordan. I didn’t have to elaborate that one to Brandon, he already knew who they were. For the last year I was constantly shoving my phone in his face, making him read their latest blog post that I loved, and showing him their pictures from their trip to Europe, as together we swooned and day-dreamed about our own future trip across the pond. So he made a deal with me: we could do in-person mentoring with A&J, as long as my business could pay for the whole trip. Okay, that made sense. I could get on board with that. So I went home and started crunching numbers, and to my complete disappointment, it looked like mentoring would have to be tabled for 2015; I just couldn’t swing it this year. But somehow, over the next few months I started getting unexpected emails, and a number of them resulted in new sessions and new weddings. So out of curiosity, last week I decided to crunch the numbers again…. and friends, I could barely contain my excitement!

I had enough money from solely business profits to FINALLY cross my #1 goal for the year off my list…


Jordan and I finalized a date last week, and Brandon and I booked our plane tickets today! After spending the last 24 hours in a snow storm, and having to crash in a hotel last night because the roads were too terrible to make it home, the idea of heading to the sunny desert makes me oh so happy! We’re hopping on a plane on July 1st, and staying in Arizona for a few extra days. We’re kicking our adventure off with our mentoring session (because I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else if it was at the end of our trip!), the next day we’re meeting up with A&J again for an anniversary portrait session - desert style, followed by a couple days exploring Phoenix (including a Diamondbacks VS Rockies game on the 4th of July, where I swear to try my best to forget that awful 2001 World Series where the Diamondbacks beat my Yankees in game 7 *queue heartbreak, 14 years later*), and last but certainly not least, we’ll end our adventure by exploring the Grand Canyon!

Seriously friends, I can hardly contain my excitement! Not only do I get to learn from two people who have unknowingly been inspiring me for years, but I also get to adventure in new places, and I get to experience it all with my amazing and insanely supportive husband by my side!

I’ll stop writing a novel now, and just leave you with this quote from one of A&J’s latest blog posts: “And maybe you’re reading this and where you are right now had caused your eyes to well up as your eyes track across this screen (or maybe the geyser has already burst) because you’ve been working too hard for too long, too far detached from the people and things you love most in this world because of a dream that seemed catchable but’s proven elusive, take a deep breath, and take heart. You’re not alone and it will get better. Don’t give up. Just. Keep. Fighting.
& THAT, my friends, is why I cannot wait to fly to the desert and soak up as much knowledge as possible from Amy & Jordan! Well that, and to get our very first Demos sandwich 

Click HERE and head on over to their website to check them out and see why I’m so excited!

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