Last fall I met one of my favorite senior girls ever, Ellie, and she brought one of her sisters along for her session, Abbie. I quickly learned that they came from a family of SIX girls, which I related to well because I too grew up in a crazy house full of girls. During Ellie's session they mentioned that they had an older sister who would be getting married this summer, so a couple months later when their older sister Maggie emailed me, I was beyond excited! We met up with Maggie and Travis in Billings, and quickly verified that YES, the Hanser sisters are ALL awesome!

Nearly 3 years ago Maggie had a friend who roped her into joining a power volleyball league, but little did she know that her friend had a twin brother who would quickly steal her heart. Watching the way Travis looked at Maggie, or how he was so quick to wrap his arms around her and squeeze her tight, and the way Maggie's smile doubled in size every time he did that, it was something really, really , special. 

We nearly rescheduled Maggie and Travis's engagement session due to the certain chance of rain, but we decided to go for it and see what happened anyways. And friends, it was SO worth it!! It drizzled rain on us from beginning to end, but Maggie and Travis were unfazed. They smiled through the rain, looked fabulous, and were so much fun! Maggie showed up with red heels and red lips, and Taylor Swift might as well give up her signature look now, beause I've never seen anyone rock red lips as well as Maggie! Seriously, just keep on scrolling down and you'll see! 

To top it all off, these two are having their reception at the same venue where Brandon and I got married, so we're extra excited to celebrate with them in July! 

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