Steve & Deena spent their wedding day surrounded by family and friends from near and far. It was a celebration of love through and through, in true Montana fashion. After Deena stepped into her gorgeous gown, she slipped into her cowboy boots. Steve combined his cowboy hat with a stylish bolo tie. And in the middle of their ceremony they joined hands and branded a piece of barn wood with their initials inside a heart. It was the most unique, and most Montanan ceremony that we've ever seen! Standing in front of their family and friends, with the lake behind them, Steve & Deena vowed to spend their lives side-by-side, serving and loving one another. 

We were so in awe of how many people traveled across the country to celebrate with Steve & Deena, but not all of Steve's friends from Minnesota could make it, so they all got together and made a wedding day surprise for the bride and groom; a song and music video just for them! It was a play on words of their last name, Devereaux, and the song was appopriately titled "Forever and Evereaux" - click HERE to watch the awesomeness!

Steve & Deena shared an incredibly beautiful day, so full of love and joy, and we are so thankful we got to be a part of it! 

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