Kiley is absolutely beautiful inside and out. We started her senior session out in the best way possible, with her dads car! As the daughter of a mechanic myself, I've grown up with a deep love for sexy cars. So when Kiley asked if we could do some of her senior portraits with her dad's Firebird, I was beyond excited! After we played with the Firebird for a little while we drove up the mountain for the rest of Kiley's session. We laughed and adventured and Kiley nailed every outfit and pose. I used to work with Kiley's mom, so it was a blast catching up with her, and seeing just how much Kiley resembles her momma. So of course, we had to sneak in a few photos of them together too!

This was the first session that really felt like fall, and it was such a welcomed change! The leaves were starting to change, their was a crispness in the air, and the light was unbeatable. Kiley is such a beautiful, smart, and talented lady, and I'm so excited to see where she goes after graduation! There are big things ahead for her, that's for sure. CHEERS to senior year! 

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