Brandon and I spent last weekend camping in Glacier National Park with three other amazing couples. We had the best time exploring and hanging out with all of them, and of course, we had to sneak in photos of all three couples! Yesterday you got to see Katelyn & Dalton's engagement session, and today it's time for Kelsey & Ben's maternity session! Be sure to check back tomorrow too because Kelly & Darren are hitting the blog first thing!

Katelyn & Dalton - A Glacier Engagement Session
Kelly & Darren - A Glacier Anniversary Session

One day Kelsey was sitting in a salon getting her hair done; just an average, normal day for her. Ben worked next door to the salon, which his bosses wife happened to own. So as fate would have it, Ben had to run over to the salon real quick. Kelsey barely took note of this tall, handsome stranger entering the salon, but Ben? He noticed Kelsey! She was strikingly beautiful, how could he not?! But he ultimately left without knowing so much as her name. A few days later Kelsey got a call though, “Hey! Do you remember that guy that came into the salon the other day? Well, you’ve got a blind date with him.”

Skip ahead a few years, and that blind date has not only turned into a marriage full of love, but it’s turned  into a family: Kelsey and Ben are officially expecting TWINS!!! And I’m not even kidding friends, nobody expecting two little people should look as gorgeous as Kelsey does right now. That pregnancy glow is no joke! These two are going to be the best parents. I’m extra certain of that because they’ve had years of practice on the most adorable golden retriever ever! Molly, their furry first child, stole my heart all weekend long. I have no doubts their twins will be stealing hearts left and right too!

Kelsey and Ben, we’re so excited for you and can’t wait to meet your little ones!! Thanks for joining us on our Glacier adventure and especially for hiking up hills and out onto rocks in the river to get some amazing photos of that gorgeous baby bump!

CHEERS to all the exciting things to come in parenthood!!!

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