We hear a lot of love stories, and they're all beautiful. But every now and then, one of them just sticks with us; like Kelle & Nick's. They met over 8 years ago and dated for a summer. But as it usually does, life happens. They were going separate ways; Kelle was off to school, and Nick was deployed with the military, twice (huge thanks to him for his service!). They stayed in touch over the next four years, and through a huge smile, Kelle recalled the moment when she told Nick that she had broken up with her boyfriend who she had dated after her and Nick had gone their separate ways, and Nick responded by saying, "It's because you're meant to be with me." And oh friends, was he ever right! Kelle had moved to Bozeman by this point, and Nick came to town to visit. They didn't even make it into the best part of town before he was sold and ready to move to our beautiful corner of the world. So that's exactly what he did. And he asked Kelle out on a date, and Kelle knew that this would be the night that would change everything. They met at one of our favorite places in town; Plonk - which coincidentally is where we asked them to meet us at the beginning of their session, having no idea of their history there!

Nearly two years after that night in Plonk they would find themselves strolling downtown again, this time in the middle of winter for the anual Christmas Stroll. If you live in Bozeman, you'll remember the Christmas Stroll from 2013, and how bitter cold it was. Nick & Kelle remember that night too, but not just for the cold; that was the night that Nick asked Kelle to spend the rest of her life with him, and after she said YES, they went back to Plonk to celerate! 

After hearing all the sentimental ties they have to Plonk, we were a bit shocked that of all the places we could have met, that's where we asked them to meet us for their session. So obviously before we left downtown we had to go back and snap a quick picture of them in front of the patio! 

Kelle & Nick are the sweetest couple. So full of love, and laughter, and joy. They are tying the knot THIS Saturday, and we can't wait to meet up with them again to celebrate the start of their next adventure!

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