A few years ago I was working as a teller at a credit union, and we had the most amazing group of ladies on the teller line. Katie was one of those ladies, and it was the absolute best working beside her every single day. Katie is the person who always has a great attitude, never takes anything too seriously, and who can always make you laugh. So when she decided to move back home to Minnesota in the middle of 2015, I was so sad to see her go! We've kept in touch since she left, and Katie would regularly make my day by sending me the sweetest messages about how much she loved recent blogs I'd posted of engagements or weddings. Then earlier this fall I saw another photo of a beautiful ring on someone's left hand... and this time it was Katie's!!! She quickly let me know she would be back in Bozeman for the holidays and requested a snowy mountain engagement session, and I could not have been any more excited!

Katie grew up in Minnesota, Ben grew up in small town Montana. But when Katie found herself in that small Montana town visiting a friend, she had no idea that the man who would steal her heart forever would be there. Katie will jokingly tell you that Ben was the boy "lurking around their group of friends" and Ben will laugh and tell you that it was Katie who first clung to him at a concert. Regardless of who chased who first, one thing was clear: these two were a seriously great match. Soon enough, Katie packed her bags and moved to Montana to be with Ben, living in Bozeman while they went to MSU. They make each other laugh like it's their job, and have such a light-hearted playfulness about everything they do. But the way they love each other? That is something special to witness!

I'm so glad Katie & Ben were up for an adventure through Hyalite canyon in the freezing cold! And that we got to catch up a little bit and spend a few hours laughing together. I can't wait to see what's in store for these two lovebirds!

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