When you strip away all details of a wedding, you're left with the most beautiful thing of all: the LOVE. And that is exactly what Katleyn & Dalton's wedding day was about. Nothing was rushed, they just soaked in every moment, and went with the flow. Hours before the ceremony as it poured rain outside the window, we kept our eye on the radar and assured Katelyn the storm would pass in time for her outdoor ranch wedding, as she and her bridesmaids sat on the living room floor bundling white roses and baby's breath to make their own bouquets. Her bridesmaids added extra baby's breath into her hair, and combined with her nude and lace wedding gown, Katelyn looked like the most stunning and whimsical bride we'd ever seen. The storm cleared up just as the ceremony was about to start, so the groomsmen wiped down the chairs, and the guests were seated. The bridal party was lined up, and Dalton made his way to the front of the aisle. That's when the rain came back. It started sprinkling just a bit, and while some brides would have been running for shelter, Katelyn grabbed her daddy's arm and made her way down the aisle, eyes locked on her teary eyed groom standing in front of her. Shortly after the ceremony the rain let up for good, and we were graced with a little rainbow over the mountain! 

Then came the reception, the party. And oh friends, what a fun party it was! Katelyn and Dalton decided to forego your traditional reception and do something that felt more like them; a bonfire!!! They still had a sit down dinner,  and a small dance floor to share their first dance and bust some moves with their friends. But it wasn't long into the evening before the crowd turned to the fire. Roasting marshmallows, drinking beer, playing a giant game of jenga (and some Pokemon Go!), and laughter echoed throughout the valley. It was a day focused on the most important things: the love and the people. And it was such an honor to be a part of it all!

Katelyn and Dalton, we've been counting down this day for well over a year, and we are so excited that you two are finally MARRIED!!!

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