Brandon and I spent last weekend camping in Glacier National Park with three other amazing couples. We had the best time exploring and hanging out with all of them, and of course, we had to sneak in photos of all three couples! Up today is Katelyn & Dalton, but be sure to check back often because the other two couples are hitting the blog soon too!

Kelsey & Ben - A Glacier Maternity Session
Kelly & Darren - A Glacier Anniversary Session

Saturday night, after all the pictures were done and almost everybody in our group had gone to bed, a few of us sat at the campground picnic table as Dalton talked about how he met Katelyn, whom had also already called it a night. We’d heard the brief version of their story earlier that day as we drove through Glacier; they met through mutual friends and co-workers, started hanging out, and quickly fell in love. But later that evening as we sat next to the campfire drinking a few beers, Dalton started reminiscing about the very first time he saw Katelyn, “I remember turning around a corner and seeing her, and my heart just skipped a beat. She was perfect, and I knew that if she was mine I would treat her SO well.” Ummm…. MELT. MY. HEART!!! Flash forward a few years and Dalton decided it was time to ask THE question. So he bought the perfect ring, and came up with the perfect plan. He was going to take Katelyn snowshoeing up the mountain, get down on one knee, and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. But my favorite part of their engagement story: Dalton was so incredibly excited to propose to the girl of his dreams that he just couldn’t wait a second longer! So that same night, just hours after getting the ring, he found a reason to sneak out of dinner to his car so that he could get that little item he’d been hiding all day, and then he came back inside and asked Katelyn to be his wife!

Seriously friends, does it get ANY cuter than that?! I really don’t think it does. Katelyn and Dalton are so wonderful together, and they are both SO excited to be married - I just love it!! And I think what I love even more than that is the fact that these two aren’t just excited for a wedding, they’re excited for their marriage, and that’s really what it’s all about! They’re planning a small ceremony with family in a location that’s special to them, and then they’re getting right to the fun stuff: celebrating their marriage with an extended trip across Europe!! How amazing is that?!

All weekend long Brandon and I just watched Katelyn and Dalton interacting, and we were constantly amazed by these two. The way they looked at each other, and laughed together. How they filled silences with sweet and silly comments about how much they loved the other. But mainly, it was the way that they loved each other so fiercely and openly.

Katelyn and Dalton, we just adore you both and are SO thankful that we got to spend the weekend adventuring around Glacier National Park with you two!

CHEERS to a few more months of planning, followed by a lifetime of love as husband+wife!

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