As we made our way up the mountain, our car full to the brim with outfit changes, blankets, and coffee, I asked a simple question: "So how long have you two been dating?!" ....and THAT is when I learned about "The Great Debate"!

You see, Kate is from Montana, but a couple of years ago her job relocated her to Georgia. Shortly after arriving and getting settled she met Mike. Not by coincidence, but by some pretty obvious meddling from mutual friends. They found themselves surrounded by a room full of couples and quickly realized there had been some scheming going on! As the next few months passed they hung out a few times, and Mike scored some major points by taking Kate to a Rascal Flatts concert one night. And as time went on they started hanging out more and more frequently. And some where in the midst of all that, Mike decided they had started dating, and so did Kate.... except their dates are a few months off from each other! Queue: The Great Debate! Now, we're not about to take sides on this debate, they both have logical reasons for sticking with their timeframe. But we will say this: we're just happy they started dating, whenever that was, because these two are so incredibly wonderful together that we could barely contain our excitement throughout their entire shoot! The way Mike looks at Kate, the way Kate wraps her arms around Mike like she's never going to let go. The way they laugh together. The fact that Kate was willing to rock heels and a dress in 20* weather and snow, just to nail the look she wanted for her engagement photos (okay, that one doesn't really have much to do with Mike, but we're just SO dang impressed with her for rocking that!). And then there's the fact that Mike proposed to Kate in Glacier.... Dear Mike, thanks for making us both insanely jealous! Haha! When we got engaged, we'd never been to Glacier before; we didn't know it would become our very favorite place. But now that we have a full blown love affair with Glacier, Brandon reminds me every time we're there that it's where he'd propose if he could have a do-over. So huge kudos to Mike, because we can't think of any place better to pop thee question!

I can't even find the right words to accurately describe these two; but looking through their session just slays me. Right. In. The. Feels. They are SO adorable and perfect together, and we had the best time playing in the snow, even if we were all popsicles by the end!

Kate & Mike, thank you so much for letting us capture your engagement! CHEERS to the beginning of your best adventure yet! 

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