There’s a certain kind of laughter that causes you to throw your head back and wrinkle your nose. That uncontrollable, deep kind of laughter that is the sign of just one thing: pure happiness. That was Jonnell during their entire session. It didn’t matter if they were walking, chatting, or if Ron was whispering sweet-nothings in her ear; she always broke out in the most contagious laughter. And every time she did he laughed too, but it was the looks he gave her during those moments that stole our hearts!

We rescheduled their session twice due to weather, and I think mother nature was just watching out for us and making us wait for the perfect day; she didn’t disappoint! The sunset in Hyalite put on a show to remember, and we soaked up every second until the sun disappeared behind the mountain. We chased waterfalls, hiked a bit more than planned (we’ll call it our workout for the day!), and discovered some of the dreamiest light I’ve seen in awhile! But mostly we laughed, because that’s just what comes naturally around these two! Their love radiates from them, their joy is contagious, and we just adore the heck out of them!

This might be one of our favorite trips into Hyalite yet, and these two make the canyon look REAAALLL good!!! Just keep on scrolling to see for yourself!

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