"I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you're in the world."

Jen & Deano's wedding day revolved around the same thing their lives do; music. And that's really the way a wedding should be, right? A highlight of your favorite things, with your favorite people, celebrating your love. Every moment of Jen & Deano's day was accompanied by the perfect song, and for their reception favors they gave away the soundtrack of their day. Centerpieces were hand-crafted by the bride out of old cassette tapes, table settings were made from old records and CD's, guests signed a vinyl record instead of a paper book, the entire bridal party rocked a classic retro style, and Jen & Deano danced the day away with their loved ones by their side. It was truly the most unique and thoughtful wedding I've seen in a long time!

Plus, would you please scroll on down and take a look at their cake! LEGOS?! Why yes, our nerdy hearts fell completely in love with this cake. Jen & Deano, you totally win at most awesomely unique decor for the summer! But even the awesome cake and decor couldn't top the way Jen looked in her dress, and I think Deano agreed, on account of those tears that snuck their way down his cheek throughout the day! It was the absolute sweetest thing; combine that with the way he looked at her all day long and it was enough to melt anyone's heart.

At their ceremony they had a board laid out that shared their story, and friends, theirs is one for the books! These two shared their first dance back in 1999 - 15 YEARS AGO!! And I think their family and friends would agree that ever since then they've been dancing through life, one step closer to the moment where they would finally exchange promises to spend the rest of their lives dancing together, through all things big and small.

Jen & Deano, we are so incredibly thankful that we got to be a part of your perfect day! We wish you two a lifetime of new favorite songs, living room dances, and crazy amounts of fun. CHEERS to all of your adventures ahead!

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