Last fall Tasha commented on one of my Instagram posts about a new engagement session on the blog, and she stated that she wanted to be on our blog one day, so obviously we had to make it happen! You see, Tasha isn't just dating any guy... she's dating Brandon's little brother, Jaden. When I first met Brandon, Jaden was just a middle schooler who loved to steal all of Brandon's clothes and argue with him any chance he got - like most little brother's do! But over the last 8 years we've watched Jaden grow up, graduate high school, excel in college, and chase something he's passionate about. And we also go to watch him fall in love with Tasha, and as quickly as she stole his heart, she stole the rest of ours too. She's part of the family, and we tell Jaden regularly that he better hold onto her forever. 

These two have known each other since middle school, and after years of being friends, they fell in love. It's such an amazing thing to find someone who you can be your complete self around, who makes you laugh every single day, and who gives you butterflies no matter how many years have passed. 

J & Tash, we love you guys so much and had the best time adventuring through Billings with you! Never stop making each other laugh.

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