Oh my goodness friends, we can't believe this day is FINALLY HERE!!! We have been working behind the scenes on our new brand and website for months, and we are so excited to finally share it with you!

Other than our new look, the BIGGEST change you might notice is that Sara Jeanne Photography is no longer just Sara... it's Sara AND Brandon! If you follow us on social media you might have noticed Brandon popping up more often over the last few months, but we're so happy to finally make it official! Last summer when we traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for in person coaching with Amy & Jordan Photography we learned more than we could possibly have imagined (read more about that here), but there's one moment of our trip that I won't ever forget. On our way home we arrived to the airport a couple of hours early, found a cozy seat in a restaurant, ordered a couple craft brews, and started to really process everything we learned from Amy & Jordan. And that was when Brandon started to share what had been on his heart since we left Amy & Jordan's home a few days earlier; he wanted to go ALL IN with the business! You see, up until that point Sara Jeanne Photography had always been mine; I started the business in 2008 while I was in college, before I even met Brandon. In 2012 he officially became my second shooter and began shooting weddings with me, but that was the end of his involvement in the business. And then Arizona happened, and everything changed. For the first time, this business became OURS. This dream became OURS. And we were all in, together! And we can't begin to tell you how amazing that change has been! Because after all, we are wedding photographers for one reason: WE LOVE MARRIAGE! And there's nothing better than getting to do what we love most with the one we love most.

We are so excited for this next season of our business - especially for the amazing clients we'll get to meet going forward! Because without our clients, we wouldn't be here. YOU, our clients, fans, and friends, are the reason we're here, getting to do what we love. Chasing our dreams together. So as a small way to say thank you, and in honor of our new brand and website, we wanted to give YOU a gift! For the remainder of 2015, you can save $500 on any wedding collection, or $100 on an engagement or couples session!! And if you refer a bride&groom to-be to us and they decide we are the right fit for them, YOU get $100 for the referral! 

So whether you're a bride-to-be, you've been married for years, or you just want to go on an adventure with someone you love, we'd love to chat with you!!! Send us a message for more information!

And before we end this post we have to give a HUGE shout out to a couple of AMAZING people! The two beautiful ladies below are Alexa & Lena, A.K.A. the designers behind our new look! We have spent months working with them to perfect our new logo, brand, and website, and we could not be any happier with everything they've created for us! This has been one of the biggest ventures for our business to date, and they made the whole process so easy and fun. Plus, almost every meeting involved craft beer and/or wine, so we knew they were the right ladies for the job ;) We couldn't even begin to thank them enough.

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