There's something special about young love. About falling head over heels, while you're still figuring out what that means. It's one thing to fall in love with someone as they are, it's another thing to fall in love with someone and stay in love through the changing seasons of life. To grow together, and to grow closer in the process. 

Haylee & Jordy met in pre-school, and while they attended different elementary schools, when they both ended up in the same middle school it wasn't long before they were officially an item. When we asked them how they started dating so many years ago, Jordy laughed and said he probably passed her a note or something, because you know... 7th grade and all! Knowing somebody for so long, literally growing up side-by-side, growing closer, and falling more in love with each passing year, that's the kind of love that is built to last a lifetime. And without even knowing their story, you know that just seeing these two together. They melt into each other with a comfort that only comes from years of falling into the same arms. They make each other laugh with ease and light up when they talk about their love story. Haylee and Jordy may have been together since 7th grade, but we're certain that this is still just the beginning of their beautiful adventure! 


Sidenote... these two had never been to Hyalite before, so we were extra excited to show them around one of our favorite Bozeman sites! We were a little worried about the snow clouds hovering over the mountains as we drove up the canyon, but my goodness, it did not disappoint! I hope you're not sick of seeing Hyalite on our blog yet, because we'll never get sick of these peaks! And they are so pretty in the winter!

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