Today we celebrate your life, we celebrate YOU!

Twenty-four years ago your adventure started. You've spent twenty-four years chasing life with a reckless abandon, dreaming big, daring greatly. And I'll never forget that evening in late August, six years ago, when the boy in the green bandana would walk into my life, and life as I knew it would be changed forever. I’ll never forget locking eyes with you across that room; I’d never seen green eyes shine so brightly. And then you smiled, and I melted.

I’ve felt that way every day since, and I could never began to describe how thankful I am to call you mine! You're the one who pushes me towards better things, who reminds me to never give up, who laughs with me, dreams with me, and adventures with me. The one who believes in me, even when I forget to believe in myself. You’re the one who keeps our crazy life together; you married a dreamer, which can sometimes equal overwhelming goals, big/scary plans, and a little bit of chaos. But you keep encouraging me to soar anyways; yet somehow you also keep me anchored to the ground. You are my rock, and my wings. The one who pops into the office when I’m working late, just to give me a kiss. The one who cooks nearly all the dinners, because you know I don’t like to. The one who makes me laugh when I’m having a hard day. The one who holds my hand as we explore foreign cities and take in new sights. The one who kisses me passionately, and loves me deeply. You, my love, are the single greatest adventure of my life, and I’m SO thankful to walk this journey with you by my side! I can’t wait for the years of adventures to come; it just keeps getting better!

I love you, fiercely, madly, always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!

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