"Does the sun promise to shine? No, but it will, even behind the darkest clouds it will. And no promise will make it shine longer or brighter, for that is it's fate, to burn until it can burn no more. So, to love you is not my promise, it's my fate, to burn until I can burn no more." - Atticus

Do you ever meet two people and from the first time you see them look at each other you KNOW that they were created for the other? That's Hailey & Chris. Throughout the morning of their wedding they were both so calm and collected. Chris was making sure all the setup was complete, and Hailey was enjoying hair and makup with her bridesmaids. But then it was time for the First Look, and THAT is when the magic started! From that moment on Hailey never went more than a few minutes without either crying happy tears, or laughing so hard that everyone around her would laugh too. And every single time she would laugh Chris would look at her smiling, like her laughter was the greatest sound in the world. 

Chris & Hailey had the most beautiful wedding day, full of things that represented them so perfectly; like Hailey's orange wedding dress! Every last detail was carefully thought out, mostly handmade, and absolutely stunning. 

We adore these two more than we can even begin to say, and it was such a joy to share in their wedding celebration!

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