Yesterday you got to see our 2014 trip to Glacier National Park, messy hair and all, but today you get to see the BEST part of that trip: Our Glacier National Park session with Jacilyn M, Photographer!

On our final day in Glacier last summer Jackie drove up to meet us. I'd wanted pictures of Brandon and I in Glacier for awhile, and Jackie was the only person for the task! We started on the East side and made our way West, stopping where ever Jackie suggested. We laughed, acted ridiculous, sang along with almost every song, and Brandon sat in the backseat shaking his head at our craziness. Naturally. 

We had the best time, even when Jackie was bordering on giving me a heart attack by getting a little TOO close to giant cliffs, or having Brandon and I crawl out onto slippery rocks in the middle of a cascade. But I'm SO glad she pushed us to do those things, because the result was insanely beautiful images of me and the man I love, in a place we loveloveLOVE. Okay, enough talk. Just keep on scrolling to see the gorgeousness of Glacier for yourself!

And a BIG thanks to Jackie for each and every one of these beautiful images. We're off to Glacier again this weekend for an engagement session and two couples sessions, so be sure to check back next week for some more Glacier goodness!!

And as with most of my Jackie related posts, some behind the scenes shenanigans! Seriously so thankful to call this lady a friend!

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