If we could photograph Claudette & Justin’s wedding every Saturday for the rest of our lives, we would be beyond happy. We loved it THAT much! It was one of the most unique and memorable weddings we’ve ever seen, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Claudette and Justin were married at the home where Claudette grew up, just outside of Glacier National Park. 

Early in the day they shared their First Look right outside the front door, Claudette approaching Justin with  their dog Maggie at her side. Then we loaded into our car and took off for our favorite place on earth; Glacier! We started off by climbing down a small cliffside to the river, where raft after raft passed us, cheering loudly for the bride and groom! Then we made our way into West Glacier and explored all over Apgar village with the full bridal party. We even managed to recreate our favorite shot from their engagement session! 

After adventuring through West Glacier we made our way back to Claudette’s families home for their ceremony. Most brides simply walk down the aisle…. but not Claudette! Justin and the entire bridal party had already walked down the aisle, and as the music played and the guests were asked to stand, the bride was nowhere in sight. Until one guessed spotted her near the top of the hill in front of them, weaving in and out of sight as she made her way down the switchbacks with her mom holding her dress behind her. The faded in and out of view as they made their way down to the ceremony site, where Maggie met her and helped escort her down the aisle. And then Claudette and Justin joined their bridal party on the hillside in front of everyone, surrounded by trees, standing over a stream, with Maggie laying at their feet as they promised to love one another forever…. and I have to interject here, because we are SO amazed with Maggie! She was a part of the entire wedding day, just trailing beside her people, and Brandon and I tried to picture our own dog Samson doing the same thing, but we’re pretty sure he would have just been running around giving all the guests mostly unwanted kisses! Hahaha! Okay, back to the wedding… After their amazingly beautiful reception everyone made their way up the hill to the meadow and barn where the reception was. They shared food, dances, and non-stop laughter all night long! 

The entire day was full of handmade details by the groom himself, and both Claudette & Justin put so much thought into every single moment of their amazing day and the payoff was so worth it! Then to top it off, we got to see the place where they were going to be spending their wedding night. Claudette & Justin traded a 5 star hotel for a 5 billion star hotel; Justin had assembled their bed in the woods by the river. He draped tulle from the canopy, had a nightstand and lamp set up, and the entire scene was straight out of a fairytale. It was completely magical, and we can’t think of a better way to kick off your marriage than by spending a romantic night underneath the stars. 

We’re still trying to process all of the amazing details and moments from Claudette & Justin’s beautiful day, but one thing is for sure: this wedding will forever be one of our very favorites. 

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