There are few things that get our hearts racing like the site of big, beautiful mountains. They're our happy place. Our home. We wake up to the site of mountains out our window every day, and even though we LOVE to travel anywhere and everywhere we can, we also love coming home to the mountains just as much. 

Earlier this month we traveled to the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and as we stood there trying to take in it's vast beauty we decided that while it was beautiful we would take Glacier National Park over it any day! And as it just so happens, we're off to Glacier again this weekend! We're headed up there for a weekend of camping, exploring, and hiking with some friends, along with an engagement session and two couples sessions! We are SO excited to get back up there for a few days, so I figured this would be the perfect time for the next post in my 2014 recap - our trip to Glacier last summer! 

These picture aren't the prettiest. We were dirty and sweaty, there was smoke in the valleys due to a fire nearby, and they were all taken on a subpar cell phone. But regardless of all that, these are the days and memories that we hold close to our hearts. 

Best part of this? This is only the first half! Part 2 is coming tomorrow, and it's full of BEAUTIFUL images taken by none other than the daring Jacilyn M, Photographer! We ended our 2014 trip to Glacier with a session in mountains, and they are STUNNING. Seriously. No exaggeration. Some of our favorites ever, and if you follow our blog you already know how much we love Jackie. So be sure to check back tomorrow, because those pictures are much prettier than the ones below!

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