We met in college, we were both photography majors, and we clicked instantly. Genna shared my sense of humor. She didn’t roll her eyes when I got overly excited about gorgeous golden sunshine. She would gladly stay up through all hours of the night finishing photo assignments with me. And she made me food. DELICIOUS FOOD. Let me clarify, moving out of my parent’s house and into the dorms in a different state wasn’t all that scary. I loved being on my own for the most part. But every single day I missed my mom’s cooking. Nobody could make my favorite dishes like my momma. But then Genna invited me over for dinner. And right then and there I knew we’d be friends forever! Just kidding of course, I loved her for soooo many other reasons too. But oh my, can this girl cook! If it weren’t for her I might have starved in college - let’s just say our cafeteria food was subpar  [wink]  She of course fell in love with food photography (her pictures of cupcakes will make your mouth water), and I fell in love with taking pictures of people in love. So when Genna asked me if I would shoot her wedding, I gladly said yes!

Rewind to a few months before Genna asking me to shoot her wedding, before she was even engaged… I was sitting at home and my phone vibrated, I had a new text message from David. Fairly unusual, but I quickly opened it. I could hardly contain my excitement after I read it; David was planning to pop the question to one of my best friends! He had the ring, and he wanted my help making the plan. I can’t take any of the credit though, David came up with the perfect proposal plan all on his own - he just wanted help deciding on specifics. He also wanted my help finding a photographer to document the proposal, and we successfully kept it a secret until the wedding day! I was blown away at how thoughtful that gift was, kudos David!
Genna and David had such a spectacular wedding day. They had an intimate ceremony in her parent’s backyard, surrounded only by their closest family. Then they headed off to their reception where the rest of their family and friends waited to shower them with congratulations, well wishes, and lots of love. Not to mention, Genna was a complete show stopper in her high-low pink dress! SO GORGEOUS!

Genna and David, thank you for letting Brandon and I be a part of your perfect day. We love you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and adventure.

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