This girl! I’m convinced that there’s nothing she can’t do. Volleyball. Basketball. Softball. Flute. I don’t know how she finds time to balance all of those extra curriculars with school, but she is a straight up rockstar! I’ve been excited for Ellie’s senior session since the first time she emailed me; she’s just one of those magnetic people that you want to be around! Her sister Abbie joined us for the session, and the three of us spent the evening running around town, laughing non-stop, and swapping stories. I adore these girls so much and was incredibly sad when the sun dipped down below the horizon and we had to call it a night.

Most people take a few minutes to get warmed up and comfortable in front of the camera, but not Ellie! She showed up ready to rock, and that’s exactly what she did! With a million-watt smile, and the most gorgeous curly hair EVER, I was dying over every set we did. And then when the sun was setting and we were getting ready to wrap up for the evening, the sun lit up the sky in a pink haze, and I convinced Ellie to hop into the freezing cold river with me - it was definitely worth it!!

I have no doubts that this girl is going to graduate from high school and take the world by storm! She hopes get an athletic scholarship to college and earn a degree as a nurse practitioner. Whatever she ends up doing, she’s going to be amazing at it!

CHEERS to your last year of high school Ellie!!!

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