High school graduation.

I remember mine like it was yesterday, even though my ten year reunion is approaching quickly! Where did the time go? Too quickly, that’s for sure. I remember thinking that graduation was the end of so many great things. My friends and I were all going our separate ways, the future was unknown - and scary! Hell, everything I’d ever known was changing. But here I am seven years later, and I am SO glad that I was wrong. I’ve since learned that graduation day wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning!

There were opportunities to be seized, sights to be seen, adventures to be had, and love to be found.​ That being said, I wanted to take a quick minute to congratulate my 2014 seniors!

I had the most amazing time with these two last year. They are both hilarious, handsome, smart, and downright amazing. There are BIG things ahead for these two, I just know it.

And now, a recap of their awesome sessions!  :)

​Wyatt had me laughing for two hours straight! Between his Barney Stinson impressions and his endless jokes, his session was seriously a blast. And then we threw in some dogs and horses, and it became perfect!

Wyatt is headed to the University of Idaho after graduation, where he is sure to do amazing things - Go Vandals!!

And Jaden. The spitting image of my husband five years ago, and the best little brother-in-law ever. Are you really graduating already?!

You were just going into 8th grade when I met you, and I remember being so thankful that at least one of Brandon’s siblings would speak to me when I came over - Katie would still only pass me messages through Brandon. I think it’s safe to say that she’s grown out of that phase, haha  [smile]  I also think it’s safe to say that you’ve done a whole lot of growing up over the last five years as well.

I’m so glad we got to witness your last few high school football games, although it’s a little sad that the O’Hara boys are now done playing Skyview football. I’m also thankful that you agreed to take part in our wedding craziness last summer - Brandon and I loved having you standing next to us as we said “I do!”.
In fact, we love you so much that we are spending our very first wedding anniversary watching you walk across a stage wearing a cap and gown, to get your diploma. And we are SOO proud of you!

You may have made your mother nervous a few times along the way, but you did it!

There are amazing things ahead for you, Jaden. So keep chasing after them :)

Congratulations Jaden, Wyatt, and the rest of the 2014 graduates!

Enjoy every second of this weekend. And then go running after your wildest dreams, whatever they may be. :)

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