Our final wedding of 2017 and one that is so special to me!! Why? Because this time the bride is one of my very best friends and I got to play photographer and bridesmaid for her big day! Catie and I have known each other since elementary school but it wasn't until our sophomore year of high school (over a decade ago!) that we became best friends. Since then we've shared so many of life's highest and lowest moments together and I can't imagine not having this girl by my side through it all.  She's the kind of friend that  I can call at 3 am and know she'll be there. So needless to say, seeing Catie find her happily ever after in Steven just makes me beyond happy! He makes her laugh like nobody else can, he keeps her grounded and balances her out perfectly, and he loves her fiercely. Although he is a Griz fan, so he loses a few points there.... Go Bobcats!! 

We were greeted with the perfect fall weather on their wedding day as they tied the knot at Oscars Park in front of the Yellowstone River. The entire wedding party was easily my favorite group of people ever (I may be biased since many of them I've known for many years and also call best friends!), and a few of the bridesmaids even surprised the bride and groom with a surprise dance during the reception! Catie and her father shared not only a beautiful First Look, but they also surprised everyone during their Father/Daughter dance when the music suddenly switched to an upbeat tune, Catie threw on a denim jacket, and they busted out some seriously sweet dance moves together! Steven had Catie laughing all day long, and there was just an abundance of joy all around. But mostly, it was just a day full of celebration for Catie and Steven and the love they share. This is just the beginning of their amazing adventure together and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them! Catie and Steven - love you both so much!!! Thank you for letting me both capture and be a part of your amazing wedding day!!


Venue: Oscar's Park

Hair & Makeup: India Richey - Dandilu Hair & Makeup

Videography: Justin Hutchinson Videography

DJ: Action Entertainment

Bridal Dress: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Wedding Rentals: Party Time Plus

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