We woke up hours before the sunrise to race up the mountain while it was still dark and catch those perfect first few rays of sunlight. But first, coffee, obviously. So after a quick stop for caffeine, we headed up Hyalite canyon under the glow of the moon. I'm not a morning person, not even a little bit, but I have to admit that there is something magical about the start of a new day. We arrived at the resorvior a little bit early, because my lack of morning knowledge didn't account for the fact that it would take the sun longer to "rise" over the mountain top than it would in town. So we sat in the car, drinking our coffee, laughing and preparing ourselves to brave the brisk 29* air. The sun finally started to peak over the mountain, but the clouds were relentless and didn't want to break to give us any sunrise colors. A bummer for sure, but once we got rolling it didn't even matter; the only thing we were thinking of was the way that Steven made Catie laugh.

And oh friends, he made her laugh a LOT! I don't think we stopped laughing. I'd finish taking a picture of them kissing, and Catie would promptly tell me all the things Steven was doing on the side away from the camera and make sure that I couldn't tell in the pictures. Steven was a pro though; it always looked beautiful on my side. Plus, the smiles that Catie ended up with from his antics made it that much better! 

I'm SO thankful that Catie came to stay with us for the weekend, and that she brought Steven with her! There's nothing quite like seeing someone you've known since kindergarten fall head over heels in love. Although, it's a real shame that he's forcing her to cheer for such terrible teams (see last set of pictures below)! 

Thanks for waking up SO early to adventure with me Catie & Steven! Love you guys!!

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