Okay friends, raise your hand if you’ve ever been SO stressed and overwhelmed with your schedule that you hit a wall? Of exhaustion. Has the “busy” life ever caught up with you? Please tell me I’m not alone!

Over the last few months I’ve felt like I was constantly busy. Too busy. I was neglecting things that were important to me, and even when I was doing something, or spending time with someone, I wasn’t ever fully present in that situation. I was always trying to multi-task and figure out my next move. My brain just didn’t stop running! Also, I’m a bit crazy when it comes to making lists and schedules (and they HAVE to be color-coded!). There are few things I love more than checking things off of a pretty list, or knowing that I’m keeping on schedule with how I’ve outlined my day. I work a full time day job, run my photography business, and try to balance them with my friends, family, and husband. It can get a little hectic, and sometimes I can fall victim to that “busy” word.
But let’s just face it together friends, busy is a cop-out word. Busy just means you need to re-check your priorities and re-align your life and schedule to match. And that’s where I’m at. And I owe a lot of it to this last week!

This past week Brandon and I flew to California to see our best friends, Tiffani and Adam. And it was the absolute weirdest trip I’ve ever taken, but for the BEST reason! Tiffani being the amazing friend she is, and knowing me so well, didn’t let me plan a single thing. Not one! She told the girl who plans every minute of every day that she was expected to just show up and enjoy the week. WHAT?! I spent a little bit of time going crazy not planning, but then I just let it go! AND IT WAS AMAZING! Tiffani and I discussed a few of the things we wanted to do, like see San Francisco, and do a wine tasting in Napa Valley. But I had no clue what the schedule was, or when we’d be doing what. I got a basic suggested packing list; like bring two nicer outfits, a couple outfits you can get dirty, etc. And so we packed, and hopped on a plane! They picked us up from the airport, and from that point on they showed us the greatest time in California! Tiffani and Adam have a super cute chalkboard hanging near their kitchen, and they had written down a list of suggested things to do while we were there. It was full of adventurous excursions, laid back activities, and delicious places to eat. We did SO much while we were there, yet I’m amazed at how much we got to just relax and hang out! It was EXACTLY what I’d needed over these last few months.

I can’t believe how fast that week flew by, and while I absolutely hate that our best friends live across the country, I’m SO thankful that for the last two years we’ve gotten to take a week off from life and just adventure with our best friends.

Tiffani and Adam, we can’t thank you enough for showing us the best time, and for being some of the greatest friends anyone could have. We’re still crossing our fingers that hopefully we end up living much closer to each other someday, but for now, we’re so thankful for the days we do get to be with you both! We love you guys (and Pete & Roma too!).

And now, here's an explosion of (iPhone) pictures from our trip! We spent a lot of time relaxing. We went hiking. Toured San Fran. Went on a sunset cruise around the bay. Did a couple of wine tastings in Napa Valley. Went on a safari, with GIRAFFES! Drank too many beers and glasses of wine. And laughed until our bellies hurt. It was absolutely perfect! So cheers to slowing down, throwing out the "busy" life, and enjoying every moment that comes our way. Happy Thursday, friends!

**The two rows of animal close-ups above this were stolen from Instagram, I just wanted you to see the adorable little guys we got to come so close too! #SafariWest!

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