To me, she's still 13, sitting on my bed giggling and squealing about something that happened at school earlier that day.  She's 15, calling me while I'm away at college to tell me all about the stupid boys and high school shenanigans. She's 17, roaming around town on a grand adventure with me to capture her senior portraits. She's 18, walking across a stage to receive her diploma, while I sit in the bleachers cheering as loud as my lungs allowed.

You see, she's my "little sister", my "loverbee", and somewhere between those moments, and the ones below, she's grown into an amazingly beautiful woman and mother, and it makes my heart explode with happiness to witness it! To top it off, Bree found Kyle... And the way he looks at her? Well, that look alone is enough to reassure me that he's a keeper! 

These two have been through hell and high water together, and through it all they've continued to love and support each other. To fight for their love. To be the best parents possible to their son (AKA the handsome toddler who has the sass of his momma, and the dynamo looks from both his parents, which combines into a heart melting combination!) And to begin building the foundation of their own little family together.  Seeing this beautiful woman stand in front of me, as a mother and soon to be wife, makes me such a proud "big sister"! I'm so thankful that she found Kyle, and I can't wait to watch these two get hitched in August!

This is only the beginning... it gets even better from here! :)

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