When you've known someone since they were 13 years old, the words don't come easy to describe the way you felt when you saw them standing in a beautiful white dress, promising to spend the rest of their life loving their best friend. Words like happiness, or joy, don't even begin to cover it.

I remember the late night heart-to-hearts, the silly shenanigans, and the inside jokes. I've watched Bree transform from a rebellious teenager who could sass-talk like it was her job, into the most beautiful mom and wife. I'm so beyond proud of the woman she's become. 

So getting to witness her wedding day, from start to finish, was the biggest honor! Surrounded by her two best friends who have known her just as long, she stood in front of her family and friends and vowed to love Kyle for the rest of her days. The father of her son, her best friend in the entire world, her other half. And as Bree and Kyle stood at the front of that church I couldn't help but shed a few tears from behind my camera, because THIS was everything I'd ever hoped for her. Happiness. Love. Family. A man who would take her into his arms, protect her, cherish her, and love her with all he had. And there's no doubt in my mind that Kyle is all that and more. 

The details were beautiful, the dresses were stunning, and the crowd was such a blast! Bree & Kyle's wedding day was so full of laughter and love, but for me, all I could focus on was the beautiful girl in white. My "little sister". The way she looked at her groom, and the way he would pull in her tight. Bree & Kyle, I can't even begin to say how happy I am for the two of you!  CHEERS to a lifetime of love! 

I don't get in front of the camera often, but when the bride is my "little sister," it's a must! Bree, out of all the silly photos we've taken over the years, this one is my very favorite! I love you so much, and am so SO proud of the beautiful woman you've become. 

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