For a long time, they remained friends. Forrest and Kelly both lived in the same dorm on campus, and as a group many of them would eat dinner together each night. They built a friendship, laughing and joking and adventuring together. But somewhere along the way it all started to change. Their friendship caught fire, and nothing would ever be the same. Fast forward a couple years, and Forrest managed to get down on one knee, on skis, and ask Kelly to spend the rest of her life by his side! 

When Kelly first emailed me about her wedding, she described her wedding day as a "Progressive Wedding Adventure". Which is my new favorite term! Basically, they just wanted to go on an adventure in Glacier National Park, and tie the knot along the way. They would take a boat across a lake, along with their closest friends and family, walk to the shore of another lake, swap "I Do's", take the boat back across the lake, and have a party with the people they loved! With some exploring for photos mixed in between it all, of course. And after meeting these two, I can't imagine their wedding day as anything but an adventure! Kelly and Forrest are adventurers to their core. I loved hearing about their wedding adventure plans, their love of skiing and spending time outdoors, and how even on the things they don't do together (like Forrest's crazy awesome cyclocrossing) they cheer each other on through it all. 

Watching these two together makes my heart swell. The way they look at each other. The way they laugh together. The way they can go from playful goofiness to a soft embrace so seamlessly. The way they love each other so fiercely. We're so excited that we get to join them in Glacier next year as they start their next grand adventure!

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